Security policy


What does security mean on a website?

When you install a home security system, you're trying to keep people from breaking into your home. Web security is the same kind of thing - a system of safeguards that prevent unauthorised parties from reading or modifying information in secured areas.

What security measures does Invesco use?

Any areas of our site that involve personal or investment details being submitted from your computer back to us are protected by a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Through this SSL, we automatically encrypt these details before they are sent between your computer and our systems. Therefore, if anyone intercepted your telephone line they would not be able to understand this information (see 'How can I tell if I am on a secure page?' below for more details). We use 128-bit encryption technology on our website.

In addition, we store your personal and account information on highly secure servers. To ensure our security levels are maintained, please keep any usernames and passwords you set up for our online services in a safe place and do not pass them onto anyone else.