EMT costs and charges document

The related costs and charges for our Pensions funds that you may require under MiFID II are available below.


Download CSV file

Please contact your client relationship manager in the event of any queries.

NOTE: These files are in a pipe (|) delimited file format as specified by the EWG. This format was followed to ensure automatic technical processing between the option manufacturer and the MOP manufacturer. Files in this format will not open natively in Excel in a readable format. In order to change this, please follow these instructions (Windows only):

  1. Start -> Control Panel
  2. Region -> Additional Settings
  3. Change the “List separator:” character to a pipe (|) – by default in windows this will likely be a comma (,)
    1. If the existing list separator is not a comma (,) make note of this character so this can be reverted later on (if necessary).
  4. Hit “Apply”, then “OK”, then “OK” again
  5. Re-open the .csv file from the website and Excel will correctly split the EMT.

To revert this to the Windows default, please follow the instructions again, replacing the pipe (|) for the default (,) in Step 3.